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Rhymed Feelings

A noble eagle

A noble eagle is pecking
The little tomtit’s heart.
He really is making
Retreat her all in blood.
You gained the victory, my eagle!
She can’t conserve her soul light.
Desired feelings twinkle
Delivering a fatal bite.

I’ m a prisoner of my loneliness

I’m a prisoner of my loneliness.
It is not an easy life
But I’m used to it, you guess…
From time to time I know how to survive
When I’m engulfed by flame of love.
And see a flying dazzling dove.
I saw your twinkled eyes,
Your slightly mischievous smile.
My soul became to rise
And I can’t control myself meanwhile….

It was day like a day

It was day like a day,
Wasn’t sunny but rained.
Then something has happened-
My mind has been changed.
At one moment only
It showed me the way
How not to be lonely
Temporarily to be gay.
You didn’t give me a hope
And you split up my heart.
How to find a thick rope
To tie up a broken part???

The magic of my love

I know-the magic of my love
Is not yet strong enough.
I rashly fell in love with you
Indifference has stung me,
And it’s true.
You are the demon of my heart
And nobody can me guard.

Time heals all sorrows

Someone has told me:
Time heals all sorrows.
I don’t want to be free,
But he never me follows.
He needs a lot of persuasion
Not to set store by his reputation.
What shall I do?
How can I live?
It’s really hard for me,
Do you believe?

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