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Art and artists

People have always argued about art — how to make it, what it should look like and why. Some people think that painting should look true to life, others prefer more imaginative works.

Hundreds of years ago paintings were often designed to illustrate myths, legends, especially Bible stories. They were also made to decorate churches. After artists began to paint to express their own feelings or just to create something beautiful.

In the 20th century there appeared such art movements as Impressionism and Surrealism, new styles: Cubism and Expressionism. New trends and styles introduced new scientific ideas about how we see light and colour while featuring strange dreamlike images. The art of the 20th century didn’t mirror real people or things but was an arrangement of shapes and colours.

Nowadays artists try to excel their predecessors. Many sculptors and painters are in search of their place in the completely new world, trying to find the things which have never been spoken about, new ways to express themselves.

Recently it has become very fashionable in Russia to demonstrate one’s Knowledge of art. Many oligarchs attend art courses in order to show off their erudition at different biennialle and at exhibits in private galleries.

The ringleader of new group of British artists Damien Hirst has developed his own method of creating provocative pieces of ‘art’, in the tradition of Andy Warhol, famous pop artists.

American art movement - pop art reflects the choice of subject matter: everyday items are taken from the popular culture of the time.

Frankly speaking, I don’t understand Hirst’s works. In my opinion, dead animal immersed in formaldehyde don’t have any message. Although I can’t name myself animal rights activist but his pickled sheep and bullet holes on a human head are a turn - off for me as well as for a lot of other people. I consider Damien Hirst’s works to be really disgusting, they do drive me nuts. The fact is that Damien wanted to draw public attention to his group and his works in order to earn money and has succeeded.

I think artists should not be completely free to do whatever they like. History shows us a lot of examples when masterpieces were created in the time of restrictions, during such time artists are able to understand the problems of the society much better. I think critics and the public should tell artists what to do but it’s up to the artist what decision he will make.

As for me, I am not fond of modern art. I prefer Realism and Classicism to Impressionism and Surrealism.

I enjoy watching the landscape and seascape painting of Russian artists Levitan, Aivazovsky and others, but abstract art does not appeal to me.

To sum it up art, in my opinion, is something that shows us harmony and beauty. It should be pleasant for eyes and bring us joy and pleasure thanks to contact with nature.

Kseniya Zuyeva.


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