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Happy Birthday, dear English school!

Any school is eager to give education of high quality and to have its own traditions and ways. There is a school in Alexandrov which has a rather long history and its unique style. It is English Language School № 1. It has been working since 1966 and it celebrates its 45-th anniversary this year.

Of course, during its long way the school has suffered some changes but it has always been up to the mark and remained one of the best ones in the town. Most of the school-leavers remember the school not only as an educational institution but also as the place of their childhood where they were treated with love and care. Many of them have become teachers of English. They work in different places and carry on the traditions of their school.

One of the traditions is that several subjects are taught in English. Today they are: World Classics, The Historical and Cultural Heritage of Russia, Country Studies and Guide to Science. It really helps the pupils to study the language, to learn additional information and master other subjects better. Another tradition is that every year the pupils win different Language contests or Olympiads. . This year a girl from the school even took part in the International Language Conference in Vladimir and got a diploma there. Foreign students have come to study to this school according to the international program AFS «Interculture» for 20 years. School English decades which are held twice a year have also become traditional. A great number of the pupils travel to foreign countries very often and they don’t have any difficulties in communication there. The school gives not only practical skills in English, it widens their outlook and gives really profound knowledge of the subject. So, it is not surprising that many school-leavers choose language institutes and universities and enter them without any problems.

2011 is a special year for the school. 45 years is the time to sum up the results, to think over the experience, to draw the conclusions and, of course, to be very proud of its pupils and teachers. But at the same time it is a rather young age, the age of flourishing … There is no doubt that the best traditions will be continued and the school will be among the leaders in education for many years more.

Tatyana Nikitina

Рисунки на странице: Elina Didenko, Sophia Byzova
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1. Veronika Kalinina
2. Daria Kromarenko
3. Polina Kartseva
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5. Maria Progunova
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9. Denis Ilyin
10. Maria Klimova
11. Yulia Bochkunova
12. Korolyova Anna

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