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A Christmas Dream

Christmas is the time when people are waiting for miracles. Shops and markets are full of New Year trees, toys, tinsels and presents… Everybody was busy with preparations for the most magnificent and beautiful holiday of the year.

Bella Jake lived in a little town and has dreamt of visiting different cities and countries. She loved Christmas and wanted to see the ways it is celebrated there. Bella was also eager to see Santa Claus… It would be great!

Her family was preparing for Christmas… The rooms were being decorated, the traditional pudding and other tasty things were being cooked and the stockings were being hung near the beds. Bella helped her mother in the kitchen, then she and her two sisters decorated the New Year tree, then she tidied her room, then… In the evening the girl was really tired and felt sleepy. But before going to bed she decided to surf the Internet. It was Christmas Eve and she wanted to look how people from different countries are preparing for it. The light from the screen was soft, all people’s faces seemed happy and beautiful, children were singing Christmas carols… Bella looked around and saw her friends among these people. They were very nicely dressed and all of them had small wings. The most beautiful of them was the girl in blue. There was a diadem made of stars on her head and she was holding a candle in her hand. In this little girl Bella recognized herself. A lot of stars were twinkling in the night sky… All the friends took each other’s hands and flew around the Earth… Many cities, towns and villages were floating below. They were brightly lighted and decorated with coloured balls and toys. Christmas was coming and all people were waiting for it!

Suddenly the bell rang. Bella opened her eyes and saw the alarm-clock on the table. She looked out of the window: snow was falling slowly and everything was so quiet… It was time to go to school. The girl understood that it had been just a dream. A wonderful dream… Bella smiled and hurried to school. She wanted to tell her friends about the night miracle.

Kseniya Zaitseva, School № 1, Grade 5
Translated by Tatyana Nikitina
Illustrated by Kseniya Zaitseva

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