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I Love My Birthplace

Every man has the place which is dear to him, the place where he would like to return again and again no matter how far he would be from it. This place is called his motherland. Our motherland gives us strength due to which we can reach our goals; our motherland gives us shelter, where we can feel piece and quiet.

My motherland isn`t large but it`s very dear to me. It is Stavrovo. What a beautiful and picturesque place it is!

It`s early morning… The first sunbeam sparkles and reflects in the smooth water of the river Koloksha. You can hear nightingales singing merrily somewhere in the wood, or frogs croaking nearby as if they asked you to admire the beauty of the morning nature. Tempted by these wonderful sounds, you come up to the river and let your paper boat swim along the stream on and on. Seeing this, you are eager to follow it to be sure that nothing awful will ever happen to your boat in its nearest future. Watching it floating, you notice willow trees standing on both banks of the Koloksha. They are like guardian angels waving with their branches to you and whispering, «Have a nice day!» Looking at them you realize that everything will be perfect in your life. They make you confident, brave and kind at the same time.

Oh, what is it? Look over there! There, in the distance I can see a beautiful meadow covered with lots of dandelions which are moving their nice yellow heads from side to side as if telling me, «We won`t forget you, we won`t…, we promise». I feel happy as I see that they are glad to see me, they are so grateful, they always greet the sun and me as well.

The sun is moving in the sky showing me the way which is sure to be light and gay. Yes, that`s great, I mean everything is marvelous around me. Well, here is a fisherman with his long fishing line. I don`t think he is keen on catching fish really. I suppose he enjoys just sitting on the bank wondering about life and its mysteries.

These perfect notions inspired the artists Serokov B. and Moiseyev N. to create masterpieces on canvases. Their pictures reflect all their love to their motherland and mine too. Looking at them you feel your heart being filled with kindness, light and love to native places.

Well, the boat is still going on and on. The sun is shining brighter and brighter. It`s already hot. The air smells sweet flowers of the meadow. This very smell makes you enchanted, it attracts you, it invites you to come nearer and inhale this fresh aroma. And you do obey. The meadow appears to be alive. It is home for bees, ladybirds, butterflies, ants, grasshoppers and what not! These meadow inhabitants are busy doing important work. They are crawling to and fro, ready to help one another. They are also pleased to greet you because you are not a stranger here! You help a ladybird which lost its way and put it on a flower petal. Isn`t it happiness?!

Evening is at hand! Birds are not singing any more. So, my journey is coming to its end. Alas!

But, tomorrow will be a new day, new adventures, new meetings with new people, new admiration.

So, if you love your motherland, you are happy. You are unlikely to forget your native place, your home, your ladybird, your meadow, your river and your paper boat which is still following its way.

Виктория МЕЩЕРЯКОВА, 11 А гуманитарный класс, МБОУ «Лицей—интернат № 1», г.Владимир.
Учитель: Саблина Л.М.

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Елена Сибирина

25 февраля 2012 в 10:09

Очень душевный рассказ у Вики получился!

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