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Everybody have the place which is the dearest to him

Everybody have the place which is the dearest to him. The place where he would like to return again and again no matter how far he is from it. It does not matter if it is big or small. We call it a birthplace. In my heart there is the only town which I really love. It is Kovrov.

In my childhood I always dreamed about moving to a big city. You can ask me why? I disliked everything in Kovrov: its small streets and parks, its people? Its weather… But when I grew up I began to look at my town differently. I began to notice it’s people’s smiles. I understand that the weather is not the most important thing and we can find a lot of nice places in its streets, I constantly see a lot of recognizable faces and it always raises my mood.

I have seen a lot of different cities: big cities, small cities… But I always compare them with Kovrov. I realized that I loved my town a few years ago. One day I was going to go to school and I was having breakfast. Suddenly I looked out of the window and saw a sunrise… I really could not move. Then I understood that there was nothing more beautiful.

You know, I love when it is raining. You heard knocking of heels on the wet plates of area and the quiet whisper of trees… In my birthplace the trees often talk to each other. Have you ever heard them talking?

People rarely stay in Kovrov for a long time. They have no time: they try to catch the escaping time. We always run somewhere, try to make more money… But in the silent winter evenings we miss our motherland, our little lovely town – Kovrov.

My town is changing and developing. It is becoming more beautiful and more famous. Recently Kovrov has received the title of The Town of Military Glory. I am proud of having been born in such a wonderful place like Kovrov.

I would like to finish by saying that if you love your birthplace, you are happy. You are unlucky if you don’t remember your town, your native part of the world because it’s one of the most important things in people’s life. By the way, now I am having a cup of tea near the window and revising the first sunrise…

Ольга Чиркова,
МБОУ СОШ № 21 города Коврова, Владимирской области,
фото с сайта http://vyshivka-shema.ru

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