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Discover the World

“Discover the world«- it was a motto of a new English language project at school #1. During 10 days lots of schoolchildren took part in different contests. They translated poems from English into Russian, performed on the stage with their presentations of different countries, took part in the speakers contest. It was very unusual, interesting and exciting. I asked some of the pupils and teachers to share their impressions of that project. Here you can read what they said.

Alexandra Blagina, 11-year student.
Last week there was the English decade. There were a lot of English competitions such as a speakers’ tour and the MacMillan Olympiad. And of course everybody had a lot of fun. My favourite part was a presentation of different countries. Pupils from elementary and high school made presentations about South American, European and Asian countries. They were dancing, singing national songs, speaking foreign languages, talking about culture and traditions of the country. Our group presented Italy with pizza and a dialogue in Italian. Out of all I really loved the presentations of Greece and Thailand. Kids were dressed up in national costumes and were very artistic. The English teachers in our school are creative and make pupils enjoy their classes and participate in such events as English Decade.

M. S. Polyanskaya, a teacher of English.
In November the pupils of our school took part in an annual contest of translating English poems. This year more than 40 girls and boys tried their hand at this activity. 20 works were considered to be the best translations. The youngest winner was a 9 year-old girl Itukalova Kate. So, enjoy her poem!

Sleepy Kitten Сонный котенок
A kitten stretches Потянулась кошечка,
And makes herself long. Сделалась длинней.
Then she hums a soft Промурлыкав нежно
Little purring song, Маленькую песню.
She has a big yawn. Широко зевнула,
She stretches some more Снова потянулась.
And then she falls fast И, упав так быстро,
A sleep on the flower! На цветке уснула!

T.A. Nikitina, a teacher of English.
My best impression of the English decade is the participation of my youngest pupils (grade 3A) in the final concert. On the international Day of Greetings they presented Great Britain and greeted the guests as representatives of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Their parents helped to make the costumes and the symbols of these countries. So out mini-presentation was very bright. Its main idea was that we all live in one world and we must be friends. And the final song «We Are the World» was the best proof. It was performed by my pupil Irina Artemyeva and Katya Medvedeva (teacher A.V. Khitrova)- both from grade 8Б.
I think the pupils have demonstrated excellent skills in pronunciation and self-presentation. I’m really very proud of them!

N.P. Bolshakova, a teacher of English.
There were two nominations in the Speakers’ Contest. The students of the 9th form spoke on the topic «School #1 is always #1» and the students of the 10-11th form on the topic «My choice is English». 13 pupils took part in it. All the participants from the 9th form showed good knowledge of English, but the manner and behaviour was a little bit different. The person who impressed the jury most of all was Nikolai Shevchenko (9Д, teacher Denisova). He was rather artistic and got the highest points. Among the other pupils I want to mention Alexandra Blagina (teacher Khitrova) and Tanyana Zasheva (teacher Shiskina). Their speech was rather fluent and well done. The foreign student from Germany Hanna Kolkmann won jury’s hearts by her excellent English pronunciation and sincere manner of speaking.

N.V. Papugina, a teacher of English.

“Mini presentation”- I’m going to tell you my impression on it. I did like it! It was unusual and original. The children of different ages (from 3-11 grades) took part in it. There were representatives from more than 15 countries, showing their flags, costumes, singing songs, reciting poems in German, French, Japanese, Italian and others. I was surprised when I saw Spanish and Argentina dances. Fantastic music, movements and performing! You’d better watch it! But what did unite all these performers? They all could speak English-the language of international communication. Watching children acting, I tried to compare them, but it was impossible. They were different, fascinating, shy and brave and they did their best. I think it was a good idea to organize such a meeting. It was a great experience for all especially for younger ones.

Hanna Kolkmann, Germany
I think it’s great that the students of school #1 are offered such a wonderful opportunity to learn English, a language which importance is even growing from day to day.
Nowadays, in the times of globalization and international management somebody who wants to start a successful career must learn the language on which everything is based on.

Photo: Galina Akhsahalyan

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Елена Сибирина

1 декабря 2009 в 7:01

Молодцы ребята! Хорошо подготовились и красиво выступили! Думаю, это был неплохой опыт для всех-и детей. и учителей, и родителей! И отдельное спасибо учителям, которые не поленились высказать свое мнение о празднике!


15 декабря 2009 в 20:21

Родная школа)))

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