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A Happy Story of an Ugly Witch

Once upon a time there lived an old woman. She was so old that she didn’t remember her own birthday. And nobody did. That’s why she got neither presents nor greeting cards. She was never wished anything, and nobody sang «Happy Birthday» to her. She never blew out the candles on the cake…

Most of all she was so ugly that people were frightened of her: little children started crying when they saw her, and their parents tried to drag them away. That’s why she never had a friend. Everybody was sure that she was very cruel. And she certainly was. She was an Old Wicked Witch.

She lived in a very dark, thick forest, and her house was covered with impenetrable mystery as all her life was. Nobody wanted to be her neighbor. Only one old injured raven wasn’t afraid of her. Maybe because he didn’t have a chance to fly away as his wing was broken.

— Help me, Old Lady, and I will be useful to you! — he said breathing very hard.
— What can you do for me, stupid bird? — replied Wicked Witch. — It’ll be easier to kill you and cook some soup with you as I’m terribly hungry.
— Oh, dear Lady, your voice is so sweet in spite of your terrible words. I can’t see you very well as I’m blind in one eye, but I feel that you are nice and kind.
— Ha — ha — ha! You’re blind! You’re wounded! You cannot fly! And you told me that you could be useful? Ha — ha — ha, poor cousin Betty!
And she put a saucepan on the fire.
— What are you doing, dear lady?
— Me? Boiling the water for my soup! — was the answer.
— Oh, no! You can’t do it!
— Really?
— Absolutely. I’m as old as you are. My meat is tough and not tasty.
— Is it a good reason in order to fail?
— Well, I’ll tell you my story while you will be boiling the water… Just listen!
This story began many-many years ago, when the Raven was a little nestling. He was very nice, bouncy and curious. His parents loved him dearly and always tried to keep him safe from cats, boys or other misfortune.
— You’re my heart, — said his mother. — I’ll die if something bad happens to you.
But the young bird was so busy with his mischief that he didn’t notice his mother’s words.
One day he flew far into the forest. There were only grey trees there. No birds, no people. He wasn’t afraid of the darkness but he was a little bit tired, and so he sat on the branch to have a rest. Suddenly he heard a voice:
— Well, my girl! You have broken my order! You went to the town, and you were so stupid that you have fallen in love with this man. With him! And he’s but a mere mortal! I must kill both of you!
— No, dear Mummy! Please, don’t do it! I know that you are angry with me. Punish me, please! Let him go away! — a nice young woman was crying.
— I can’t do it, you see.
— Please, Mummy! I’ll be a very good daughter. I’ll be a witch as you wished. Just let him go…
— Well, if you promise to be the most cruel witch people have ever seen, I’ll let him leave, — and a young bird saw a wicked twinkle in her eye and a wicked grin in her face.
— I promise, Mummy!

Suddenly the terrible noise clattered, the sky became dark grey, and the trees were bending and swaying in the wind. Then a formidable flash lit the forest and the bird fell from the branch where he had been resting. He was knocked senseless and didn’t remember how he reached home.
— When I got home, I saw my mother dead… Poor Mummy… Someone has told her that I had passed away, and her heart was broken…
When the bird said these words, he noticed that the old Witch was crying.
— How did you know about it? — asked she drying her tears.
— A wise owl told me. And she also explained that I should find that girl and break the magic spell.
— Oh, did you find her?
— Sure. I was making a thorough search for that enchanted girl. I have flown to the different countries, visited the darkest forests, talked to the best magicians and now I know that you’re that girl.
— Me? Are you kidding?
— I’m not. You have been living here for many years. Have you ever had a mirror?
— No, I have never had it. Everybody knows that I’m ugly and cruel.
— Nonsense! Just believe me. Has the water been boiled yet? Well, wash my wings, my eyes; treat me with those magic leaves that grow in front of your house.
It was very strange, but the old woman believed the old bird. She washed his wings and body, poured him a few drops of medicine. She gave him a pat and said:
— I’m sure that you’re crazy, my poor friend. But I won’t kill you. I’ll feed you with this tasty bread and magic seeds. And you will recover soon.
When the raven had his lunch, he opened his eyes, flapped his wings and shouted:
— Oh, I’m better now! Thank you, dear friend. Now listen to me, please. You helped me, and I will help you. Do you have some warm water? Please, wash your face, brush your hair, and I will show you a miracle.
The witch was very obedient and she did everything. Then the raven took her hand and moved her to the bank of the river. While they were walking, beautiful flowers were grew in front of them. Nice birds were singing sweet songs. The sun was shining brightly and the trees became green and young.
— What’s this? — asked the woman carefully scrutinized reflection in the river.
— Just you, dear! — was the answer. — The wise owl told me that if you helped a wounded bird, fed it and treated it, you would break the spell. You are the nicest and the kindest young lady I have ever seen! My congratulations, darling!
With these words the bird turned into a very handsome young man. He hugged the Lady, kissed her and they walked away from the forest.

Since that moment the most beautiful couple in the world has been living in a wonderful castle with a blooming garden. They are happy and they wish you to help each other, to be kind to the people and animals. As you can see, your kindness can make a real miracle!

Elena Sibirina.
Photo: http://www.kinonews.ru/news_19999/

8 комментариев к записи A Happy Story of an Ugly Witch

Галина В.

4 января 2013 в 17:19

Прекрасная сказка с добрым, счастливым концом! Как бы хотелось не превратиться в ужасную, безобразную ведьму в нашем непростом, жестоком мире! Давайте верить в сказки!


4 января 2013 в 17:37

It`s a wonderful tale :)


4 января 2013 в 18:00

Молодец!)) Здорово!)


4 января 2013 в 23:36

Очень интересно, мне понравилось. Люблю сказки! Очень понравился конец. Добрая сказка)


5 января 2013 в 10:02

Здорово) Лена ты волшебница!!! очень люблю сказки.


5 января 2013 в 18:43

Спасибо всем за комментарии!


13 апреля 2013 в 5:06

Прелестная сказка! Талантливый автор с замечательной фантазией. Ошибок совсем не много. Но вот, например, to shout в английском языке имеет негативный оттенок, и переводилось бы как “проорать”, “орать”. Здесь лучше употребить “to cry out” - выкрикнуть. В конце сказки надо писать: to be kind to people. Поскольку “the people” - народности, “people” - люди. Встречаются иногда чуть, так сказать, “руссковатые” предложения по построению. Но в целом, написано очень хорошим языком.


13 апреля 2013 в 8:43

Спасибо, Ольга!
Дело в том, что перед публикацией я показала эту сказку моей знакомой журналистке из Канады, у которой английский-родной. Кое-что она в ней подправила. И только после ее исправлений я решилась показать сказку остальным. Так что работа проверена носителем языка.

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