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Winter dreams

Winter holidays are the best way to rest, to have fun, to dream… We want them to go on and on. Everybody has a chance to be a fairy. Today we would like to remind you of white snowflakes, bright fir-trees, hugs and kisses of your nearest and dearest. That’s why we give you our little present, these poems.

White Snowflakes
White snowflakes are falling down,
Covering the ground brown.
Showing the way to joy,
Playing snowballs with the boy.
When the little shiny spark
Stretches you a hand in dark,
When such fluffy snow beams,
And in glass of ice dressed streams,
Take your skies and have a fun!
Sing a song about the sun!

Winter Fun
When it snows every day,
We are happy, nice and gay.
We play snowballs till night,
When the stars are so bright!
We can sledge and ski and skate
We have fun! It’s so great!
Snowy mornings, icy lake,
Very healthy us it make!

A Little Fir-Tree
A little fir-tree very slim
Was growing in the rear.
Its needles being very green
All seasons of the year.
The blizzard sang a song to it:
«My tender tree, good night!»
And it was guarded by the frost
That it might stay alive.
A cowardly hair cub
Was jumping round the tree.
A grey big wolf, an angry wolf
Was running in the free.
And then it’s very beautiful
Has come to our house
And brought a lot of happiness
To children all around!



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