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How the Wicked Bear Met Christmas

It was a Christmas Eve. All the animals were getting ready to spend the most beautiful holiday. They decorated their caves and cages, bought presents to their nearest and dearest, sewed new dresses, and prepared tasty food. They were happy and have fun! But one of them, the wicked Bear, didn’t like holidays at all, and he didn’t celebrate them. He was ugly, gloomy and always muttered. He didn’t have friends or relatives. And he didn’t believe in magic spirit of Christmas. That’s why he was alone in this terrific evening. He was watching TV and counting his money, when somebody knocked at his door. The Bear was very surprised to see a Rat, a Bullock, and a Tiger, who were the symbols of the past, present and future years.

So, with the Rat he travelled to a Christmas Eve of the year 2008. He saw his gloomy face, his uncomfortable den. Everything was grey and dirty. He didn’t meet that year and that’s why he was alone and unhappy all the year round.

Then he made a trip with the Bullock to the beginning of 2009. Nothing has changed. The table was empty, the room was dark. Nobody congratulated him. Nobody send him a greeting card or wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Bear was very upset, but the Tiger showed him two ways. One of them led to the same dark and dull evening in his den, the other showed a nice apartment. A beautifully decorated fir-tree was in the middle of it. A lot of boxes with nice presents were put under it. The room was full of different animals. They were dancing, singing, laughing. The smell of tasty pie filled the den. A nice she-bear said how she loved him. He was greatly surprised. The tears were in his eyes.

— Which one will you choose? — asked the Tiger.
— The second one, sure, — answered the Bear, — thank you very much for giving me a chance to be happy!
— The way you see the New Year in is the way you spend it. Have fun! — said the Tiger and vanished.

Anna Drobysheva.
Рисунок Лизы Мазилкиной, 6 лет,
с сайта www.sertification.ru

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