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The modern world brings new notions about eternal values and also about a man. Nowadays to be a personality is not enough because the surrounding world suppresses us. What does it mean to be a strong personality? Is it comfortable to be a strong personality nowadays? What are advantages and disadvantages? The author of the article shares her opinion on this point.

I personally believe, that to be a strong personality means to appreciate yourself as you are. To be a strong personality is
• to have a good self-esteem,
• positive thinking,
• to assume responsibility for yourself and your actions,
• the aspiration to use your potential,
• purposefulness,
• strive for perfection,
• the desire to help other people to become better.

Naturally, to become such person you should work a lot at yourself. A man can be called a strong personality if the people’s opinion has no influence on his own opinion or on his self-esteem.

The advantages of strong personality are in the fact that the man is happy moving towards his aim and nobody will stop him with criticism. Nobody can turn you into a puppet or control you. You will not suffer from the attacks of the feeling that you are useless or lonely. You will easily help others to get rid of their complexes.

Disadvantages of a strong personality are the following: when people see their neighbor in good mood they always try to destroy it, to defame, in order to improve their self-esteem. One more minus is that a strong personality must be brought up and tempered. You can’t allow yourself weaknesses. It is much easier to be like others than to form your own individuality.

One of the bright examples of a strong personality is Steve Jobs, general director and co-founder of the company ‘Apple’. Looking through his biography, you can think, everything came easily to him but it’s far from being the truth. He had to leave the company ‘Apple’ which he had founded and developed with Steve Wo?niak. He could take offence and choose to lead a calm life. But he continued his business undertakings. He founded a new company and successfully worked with it. Meanwhile the company ‘Apple’ lost its leading position. Later Steve Jobs returned to ‘Apple’ and since that time the company has been a constant leader at the market of computer technologies. According to the information published by Forbes his income by 2010 has made 5.5 milliard $. In my opinion Steve Jobs succeeded because he did not allow circumstances to have influence on him and was persistent in achieving his aim.

Strong and independent people don’t appeal to everybody, that’s why you will be envied, interfered; they will try to play dirty tricks on you.
But is it worth while paying attention to it? Your goal is to realize yourself in this life and to be successful!

What kind of a person are you?
Do you prefer to be or not to be a strong personality?

Kseniya ZUYEVA.
Photo: www.smszoom.ru

8 комментариев к записи TO BE OR NOT TO BE?

i`m not robot

24 августа 2010 в 11:41

I think that all types of human are not immortal and now human civilization having last days on the earth.
Population grows day by day, millions people now have nothing to eat? resources of the planet is not enough for comfortably life

2012 will be the last year for people

Чуднов Сергей

24 августа 2010 в 15:40

Писсимистично как то! Поговорим об этом в 2013 - ом? ))

i`m not robot

25 августа 2010 в 9:59

may be

we`ll talk about it in heaven


25 августа 2010 в 12:56

or in hell)))


25 августа 2010 в 17:08

Может не стоит ждать 2012? Давайте сейчас помрем!
Может тогда ресурсы, которыми мы пользовались, пригодятся голодным и человечество доживет еще до 3020))))))
Не понимаю одного- если все так погано, то зачем мы живем???!!!!!

Семеро Козлят

25 августа 2010 в 18:35

чтобы отыграться на потомках

Чуднов Сергей

25 августа 2010 в 20:26

На небе! Только на ” седьмом небе” ( Ресторан такой в москве, кормят там вкусно и поговорить приятно! )))

i`m not robot

26 августа 2010 в 16:52

i`m living to enjoy last days? it`s golden time for me

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