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The Importance of Being Competent in English

«Language is not only the vehicle of thought,
It is a great and efficient instrument in thinking»
Humphrey Davy (1778 — 1829), English chemist

Why do people learn foreign languages? The question is not very easy… For some people it is practical necessity as their jobs are connected with such knowledge. Others don’t want to have any problems in establishing new contacts when they go abroad.

There are many other reasons for studying a foreign language: to read books, listen to songs and watch films in the original version, to understand computer programs and games, to be able to communicate with foreigners in their country and at home… Everybody finds his own ways of motivation to study a language. But what about pupils who study at a Language Specialized school? A foreign language (and even two or three) is just an obligatory school subject for them. What should they do to make learning interesting? Does everything depend on teachers? Is it necessary for children to know a foreign language? All these questions were discussed by the pupils of the 5th and 10th grades at School № 1, which has been an English Specialized school since 1966 and very soon it is going to celebrate its 45th anniversary.

The discussion turned out to be rather interesting. The pupils’ answers were different and unexpected. But one thing is certain: they understand the importance of studying English. Moreover, they enjoy learning it!

Elina Didenko:
Why do I study English? I really love it! It’s my favourite subject! It is very amusing to learn it. I was eager to know how to pronounce the names of different countries in English. Now I can do it! Most of all I like to study English grammar. It is also very interesting to read English texts. Not long ago we read and discussed the biographies of some famous English and Russian people. I learnt many new facts about them. At the lessons of English I also like to answer questions, to act out dialogues, to sing songs and many other things. In many countries English is the national language and it is the most popular one all over the world.

Polina Kartseva:
I have been studying English for four years and I like it! I think the English language sounds very beautiful like a nice melody… It is very interesting for me to know the meaning of new words, to read and translate texts, to learn dialogues, songs, poems. I also like to draw, that’s why I very much like to illustrate English books. There is no doubt that English will help me in future…

Matvey Ilyin:
Studying English is one of the ways to make one’s life better. All kinds of information in the Internet, mass media and on TV will be available to you. In future you’ll be able to find a good job if you know English perfectly.

Anna Stolyarova:
There are so many mysteries in the English language! I study it because I like to learn new interesting things. I’d also like to have English pen-friends and ask them some questions. I am very interested in English writers and artists. There is one more important thing… We should be proud of our English school as it has existed for 45 years.

Denis Ilyin:
Learning English is very interesting for me. My favourite subject is English literature. I like to read books most of all. We are reading «Winnie-the-Pooh» by A. Milne now and all of us discuss it at the lessons with great pleasure. Besides I want to have friends abroad, to speak with people of different countries and to travel all over the world.

Yuri Mishin:
English gives us a chance to communicate with our foreign friends. It is really important as every year exchange students come to our school.

Kseniya Guseva:
The knowledge of English gives us a great power. It is the key to achievement of our dreams.

Veronika Kalinina:
I used not to like English but now it is very interesting for me. It surrounds us wherever we go. I advise all pupils who just begin to study it not to repeat my mistake and to learn and like English from the very beginning.

Anna Belous:
I’m going to become a doctor and to have a good job. If I know English pretty well it will help me to study Latin. In future I’ll be able to help my foreign collegues.

Masha Klimova:
English helps me to learn something interesting about history, geography and culture of English-speaking countries. I learn it with pleasure and I hope to enter a very prestigious language university.

Katya Kornilova:
I think English is the most beautiful of all languages. I like the school where I study and I love my teacher of English very much.

Sophia Semenkovich:
Nowadays English is the most influential language in the world, it currently dominates in mass media and pop culture. Many jobs require knowledge of English today. It is also spoken by a great number of people for communication. I find it very interesting to study this language, that’s why I do it with pleasure.

Vlad Listov:
I study English because I like to get new knowledge and to discover something interesting. If I master the language well I’ll be able to study at a famous and prestigious university. Moreover, I’m going to travel a lot and meet different people. In every country you can find people who speak English. The word «OK» is the most popular word in the world, and it has English origin.

Daria Nikitina:
Everybody knows that English is a global language nowadays. It is the language of science, business, the mass media and the Internet. To read world classics in the original you should know English pretty well. As for me, I just like studying foreign languages, it’s not always easy but interesting.

Irina Artemyeva:
I’ll need English for my future job. I also consider it a very beautiful language and interesting to study. If I have a chance I’d like to go to the USA or some other English-speaking countries. That requires excellent knowledge of the language.

Igor Kalinin:
I have been studying English for nine years. During this period I’ve discovered a lot about English culture. I think every educated person must know a foreign language to be able to enter the international community. English is very important for communication in it.

Yana Serdyuchenko:
For me English is not only a school subject. Of course, we learn grammar rules and new words. But we also get acquainted with the culture of another country, its ways of life, traditions and customs. It’s very important and interesting, I think.

For any teacher the main thing is that his pupils understand the importance of the subject. So, what’s the conclusion? Almost everything depends on the motivation… English has really become an essential part of our lives: it is everywhere. And the representatives of new generation have their own reasons for learning it, so the process of studying becomes pleasure for them. That’s the point…

Prepared by Tatyana Nikitina
Photo: http://bcd-highway.tiu.ru/

If you learn English, why do you do it?

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