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What is the birthplace?

In these two words there is only one definition. The birthplace is a place where every corner reminds you of something. Each person has their own homeland. Even as little as my village, where I live. But even in my village there are beautiful places, famous people. Life flows here its stream. The Village of Grigoryevo is my small native land. It is located in the Vladimir region, Gus-Сhrustalny district. My village was found in 18th century. From the very childhood I breathe her natural air and enjoy the smells what are difficult to feel somewhere else.

My village is beautiful at any time of the year. In spring she is hidden in the blooming gardens. In summer greens of woods and fields please my eye. In autumn endless fields of golden wheat are so attractive. And the first frost and fluffy snow bring so much happiness.

Our nature is rich of amazing forests, fields. I feel myself very nice in the forest, especially in autumn. Walking in the forest, gathering mushrooms and noticing how autumn leaves shine with the gold. The air in the forest is clean fresh.

I would like to speak about popular and famous sights of my village, which I am very proud of.

Firstly, it is a monument of an Unknown Soldier. On the 9th of May in every year students of our school take part in a meeting of Victory. This meeting is devoted to the Patriotic War. In honor of heroes killed, wounded in this bloody war, we lay wreaths and flowers to the monument.

Secondly, it is the church in our village. The Orthodox Church is a small, cozy; whitewashed with lime temple in the style of provincial Baroque is situated on the main street of our village. The Church is acting nowadays. The old name of it is the Trinity Church.

Thirdly, there is a museum in my village too, which attracts many people from our region. I and my friends visit the Historical Museum very often. I’m very proud of this famous sight because it keeps much information about our native places and citizens of my motherland. I and my classmates gathered a lot of ancient items for the museum. There are photos of worriers, soldier’s letters from the front, documents and a lot of remarkable things which remind about horrible days of the Patriotic War. The Historical Museum of the Village is a heart of our motherland because it depicted all the pages of the history.

I cannot imagine my motherland without its inhabitances. It is necessary to speak about them.

Many famous people lived here. A very nice doctor lived here many years ago. His name was SelivanovYevgeniy. He was not only a kind doctor but also a great poet and painter.

His sole was full of people’s thoughts. He loved them very much. He was found of nature too and tried to show the amazing pictures of nature in his painting works. His hobby was painting. He was a talented person. Yevgeniy Anatolyevich pictured the houses, the native church, the forest in different seasons of the year and other favourite corners of nature. Many our native people enjoy his pictures. Sometimes they left their motherland and took them with. They are keeping in our Historical Museum.

Nowadays some popular poets live and create here. The most famous of them is Palagina Tatiana. Her books with poems are read by children and adults in our country and abroad. I’m a representative of the young generation is proud of such persons like Selivanov and Palagina.

It is only a small part of my story about our motherland. I could speak about my family, my school, my friends endless. I’m sure that the life is nothing without that. Everything is our motherland. There are a lot of associations…

I love my country very much. I enjoy travelling. Many countries attract me. I can visit different countries, but it is only visiting. I’m not going to live anywhere. I like Russian people. East or west, home is best. I can’t imagine my life in another country without my friends, my parents, native places, winter frosts and, of course, my village.

Юлия ЕГОРОВА, МКОУ Григорьевская СОШ, 10 класс
Photo: http://sobory.ru/

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Елена Сибирина

25 февраля 2012 в 10:07

Это здорово, что ребята из района Гусь-Хрустального откликнулись! А то мы живем, вроде. в одной области, а так мало друг о друге знаем.

Ольга Дёмина

1 июня 2012 в 11:32

Рада, что моя ученица пробует себя в роли журналиста. Надеюсь, что данная информация будет полезна читателям сайта… Дальнейших успехов юным журналистам!


1 июня 2012 в 13:23

Спасибо! То, что размещено на сайте, действительно читают, я иногда захожу на архивные материалы и вижу, как выросло число просмотров.
Пишите еще!

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