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Vladimir is an ancient city

I love my birthplace!

I was born in Vladimir, in 1997. It is my native city. And I love it. It is an ancient city. That’s why there are a lot of places of interest — the Golden Gates, Uspensky cathedral, Dmitrievsky cathedral, Church of the Intercession on the Nerl.

It is a clean city, it has a lot of trees, bushes, flower compositions. My friends and I like to walk in the parks. The most popular of them are: Park named after Pushkin, Lipki Park, the Patriarch’s palace gardens, City Park.

There are many different shops in my town — New Yorker, O’STIN, OGGI, Incity. There are many cafes — To-Topizzeria, McDonalds. My friends and I often go to the cafes. We go there when it’s cold or rainy outside. There can be a lot of tasty things to eat.

I like to go to the cinema. My favourite cinemas are «Kinomax Burevestnik» and «Ruskino». A cinema is a perfect place for meeting with friends, besides, you can relax there, watch a film, have a snack, playarcade machines.

There are many entertainment centers in my city. But I think that «Samokhval» is the best. I celebrated my birthday there. It is a good, fun and beautiful place. There are a lot of games, including bowling.

My best friends and I like to go to different night clubs. «The Solntse» and «Nebesa» are among them. There is always wonderful music, we always have fun there. Another interesting and cultural place is the Regional academical theatre named after Lunacharsky. There you can see interesting performances where famous actors take parts.

During summer holidays you can go to the forest to gather mushrooms and berries, to breathe fresh air, to swim in the Klyazma river. In winter you can go to skating-rinks. There are a lot of them in Vladimir. You can ski in the parks. Sport is very useful for your health. There are a lot of hobby groups to show and to develop your skills. As for me, I attend art school and I really like it. There are competent and intelligent teachers. They are always ready to help me.

I think, there is everything in my city that you need: places for studying, for relaxing, for doing sports.

I like my birthplace very much!

Nikolaeva Katya, form 8 «A», Vladimir, school № 13.
Photo: http://www.gold-excursions.ru/photo-vld/23/

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27 февраля 2012 в 18:44

Неужели столь юная Катя и ее друзья уже ходят по ночным клубам? Ужас!

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