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Vladimir is my home city

Some people live in the city
Where the house are very tall
Some people live in the country
Where the houses are very small.

But in the country where the houses are small
The gardens are very big.
And in the cities where the houses are tall
There are no gardens at all.

I was born on the third of December, 1999, in Vladimir, Russia. It lies on the banks of the river Klyazma not far from Moscow. It is the capital of Vladimir region. It is a city not a town. Vladimir was founded by Grand Duke Vladimir Monomah in 1108. It has a long and rich history. There are a lot of churches made of white stone. We can see the old Golden Gates in the centre of the city. We can visit a men’s monastery in Vladimir.

I like to go for a walk at Kozlov Earth Wall. My favourite place in Vladimir is a park near Uspensky Cathedral. There is a monument to the Grand Duke Vladimir in it. Dmitrievsky Cathedral is not far from it.

I prefer to spend public holidays in the centre of Vladimir. I like sitting and eating hamburgers at Mac king. It’s a café. Once a month I visit «Ruskino» cinema to watch a new movie.

In winter I am a fan of going to the skating rink «Penguin». In summer I am fond of skateboarding and roller-skating. I live and attend school in the district of Dobroe. I live on the fifth floor in the modern block of flats.

I’m sure Vladimir is the best place for living. I like my home city.

Lushnikova Elena, form 5″A», Vladimir, school № 13.
Photo: http://campana.ru/

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27 февраля 2012 в 18:43

Lena, it’s great! My favourite place is the same!

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