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I was born in a fine town of Vladimir

Each person has a favourite city. More often a favourite city, settlement, edge is that place where the person was born or has spent much time. Often favourite city name where the childhood of the person has flown, after all with the childhood, the majority of people has the kindest memories. However many years was to the person, he always remembers some moments from the childhood, and together with them and places where they occurred, that is in a favourite city. And it is not so obligatory to this city to be capital, a city-millionaire or still any «cone». It can be the silent, thrown small town and at the same time to be the most favourite city as many pleasant impressions are connected with it.

At everyone the love to a city is shown differently. For example, poets compose poems on a favourite city, composers write music, artists draw pictures, thereby glorifying a city and immortalising memory of it for many years.

I was born in a fine town of Vladimir. It is my most native and favourite town. Many memories are connected with Vladimir at me, after all I know it here seventeen years. I love this town, itself I do not know for what. For what is concrete, that it is and that it such, unlike on any other city is more exact, probably. There is simply feeling which I cannot explain with words, and can draw an analogy with love to parents or to darling only. After all we love them not for something, and that they are is simple.

Vladimir is an ancient town which bears huge historical value for the whole country. Here there was a formation of the Russian state. Some time Vladimir was the capital of Russia. It is located on the left bank of the river Klyazma. Vladimir is one of the largest tourist centers in the country. Vladimir is a pearl of a route of the Golden Ring of Russia. The town over Klyazma-river is proud of the monuments of the past. Vladimir is the town with the richest and most interesting story, a town, stood run the tataro-Mongol, Poles, Germans. In Vladimir unique monuments till now have remained.

There is a set of beautiful places in this town! It is necessary to pay attention to one of the main symbols of my favourite town — the Golden Gate. The gate has been constructed at prince Andrey Bogolyubsky. It was the main, most elegant and solemn gate of capital of Northeast Russia.

The last half a century the Golden gate is in conducting of the Vladimiro-Suzdal memorial estate. In church over collars the military-historical exposition settles down. The central place in an exposition is occupied with a diopama transferring drama events of February, 1238: Vladimir’s protection during storm by armies of khan Batyja.

Other sights of Vladimir are the Uspensky cathedral, the Dmitrievsky Cathedral, the Christmas monastery, the House of Friendship and many other things. The Uspensky cathedral is a treasury of Old Russian culture.

Samples of art of the best artists of different times are stored in the Uspensky cathedral. The great interest causes the necropolis of the Uspensky cathedral located in gallery. The great Vladimir princes are buried here: Andrey Bogolyubsky, his brother Vsevolod the big Nest, Vsevolod’s son Yuri and others.

Dmitrievsky cathedral is one of the most remarkable monuments of Russian Middle Ages, a palace temple of great Vladimir prince Vsevolod the Big Nest. Now here there is a residence of the Vladimir -Suzdal bishop.

In the town of Vladimir there are many museums, theaters, shops. So, for example, Regional drama theatre of A.v. Lunacharskii. It has the long history. The Vladimir regional theatre of dolls which repertoire includes a considerable quantity of classical products for children, the Concert hall of Taneev where often take place concerts of classical and national music, modern and a platform retro.

In Vladimir’s main museum — the Vladimiro-Suzdal memorial estate the set of the interesting things telling about a city, its history and destiny is collected.

Complex «Trading Numbers» — the unique modern shopping centre setting a fashion and style for townsmen and area.

Vladimir is always pure, well-groomed, it is decorated by many flowerbeds.

I like to visit city cinemas where many interesting films are shown.

In summer I and my friends go to the Patriarchal gardens, 850 anniversary park, park «Friendship». We go for a drive on roundabouts, walk, have a rest. There last years «the Patriarchal garden» diligence of teachers-enthusiasts and children of a steel one of Vladimir’s the most beautiful corners. They clear springs, plant trees, flower beds.

I am proud very much that I was born in such remarkable town, as Vladimir.

I love very much the town!!! I also would like, that it prospered also all became more beautiful and more beautiful!!! At present I don’t study and I live in that city where I was born, and I do not know as it will be. But when I leave school, I would like to return to my the Native land, my favourite Vladimir to continue further education, to live, work and establish the family in this town. And I precisely know that Vladimir will necessarily accept me!!!

Sidorova Anna
Form 11
Kurlovo secondary school № 1
Photo: http://kemclub.ru/photo/3513138/

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27 февраля 2012 в 19:24

Is Vladimir really always pure & well-groomed?????? I can’t believe!

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