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I like my city because…

At the last lesson before holidays we were given a task to write a composition «I love my birthplace». After that I thought, and what for?

I was born in the beautiful city of Vladimir and I have been living here for 14 years. I love everything in it: buildings, streets, nature and people. At any time of a year my city is very beautiful. I like to walk with my friends along the streets of my city, especially in spring and summer, when it is warm. It is always snowy in winter in Vladimir, that’s why you can toboggan, ski, skate and play snowballs — it is very funny.

And I like my city because there are a lot of good people there. They will always helpyou. These people, of course, are my friends, my relatives and friends. It’s nice to see when people are not indifferent. I have seen many times how passers-by helped unknown people.

There are also many historical, interesting and beautiful buildingsin my city. The most famous is, probably, the Golden Gates, which are located in the centre of Vladimir. Now there are guided tours to the Golden Gates museum. It is represented by a military-historical exposition of the Tatar-mongolinvasion, there is also exposition of weapons and military equipment of different times. The historical centre of the city includes Dormition cathedral, one of the monuments of Russian architecture of the XII century; Dmitrievsky cathedral, built by Vsevolod the Big Nest in the XII century, Church of the Intercession on the Nerl, Knyaginin convent, so I like to walk in the centre of the city very much. To have a look at Church of the Intercession on the Nerl you have to go to Bogolyubovo. It is not far away from Vladimir.

Our city is visited by many tourists from nearby areasand even from different countries everyday. People are interested in history of Vladimir and want to see the sights.

I’d like to tell you about the streets of the city. I live in Zhukovsky street, this street is small. But there are a great number of streets in Vladimir. Many streets are named in honor of the great people of our country, for example Tchaikovsky Street, Balakirev street, Suvorov street, Surikov street, Polina Osipenko street, Sokolova-Sokolyonka street. There are a lot of old streets in the centre of the city; it’s worth having a walk along them!

And, of course, I wanted to talk about the nature of our city, because it’s so beautiful! There are many parks in Vladimir, a various green plants and trees. When it is warm it’s very nice to go for a walk in the park with my friends, breathe fresh air, eat an ice cream, and have fun. There is even the city station of young naturalists or The Patriarch’s gardens in our city. I can’t describe what a beautiful park it is! There is a small pond where swans swim in summer. When spring comes, children from different schools come there to clean the territory of the garden from the waste that people, unfortunately, leave there. By summer my city becomes extremely beautiful: lots of colours, variety of trees, bushes. There is «nature corner» inthe Patriarch’s gardens. Pupils take care of the different pets there: hamsters, mice, parrots, fish.

It is just a small part of that why I love my city. I am proud that I live in Vladimir!

Liza Kiliyanova, form 8 «A», Vladimir, school № 13.
Photo: http://www.liveinternet.ru/users/crown163/rubric/1762128

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27 февраля 2012 в 19:08

Какие клумбы, прелесть! Сразу видно - горожане любят свой город.


27 февраля 2012 в 19:14

Я столько лет прожила в этом городе. Кажется, исходила все уголки. Но вот не была там сто лет, а если и была, то наскоками. И получается, что такая красота прошла мимо меня(((

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