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I want to tell about my Native land

Now I want to tell about my Native land.
What does my native land mean for me? For me it means that place, where I was born and spent my early childhood. It ’s my native city Vladimir. If I leave my city I will always want to come back. If I can’t come back I will be unhappy because here my soul has been left.

I have been living in Vladimir since the birth. Where I was a little girl I liked to go to the performances to Puppet theater, to parks of entertainments and to museums. I always had a very good time and got a lot if impressions connected with leisure time in my native town.

Now if I am sad and have some problems I can just go for a walk to the park and take pleasure from the beauty of my native city. I am inspired by Vladimir’s nature, woods and the Klyazma river.

My school is a favourite place of meetings with my friends of mine. Here I have met my best friends. We have overcome a lot of troubles together, helped to understand each other and the world, which surrounds us. Every day I enrich my knowledge at school. It’s great because it will help me in future.

There are a lot of teachers who have become my great friends and assistants. They can’t give me all necessary information, but they are always ready to answer any question.

Assumption Cathedral is one of the attractions which Vladimir is famous for. I love it for its beauty, grandeur and exquisite decorations, it has a rich and interesting history, and for me, Assumption Cathedral is one of the symbols of my country.

When I was younger, I often visited the Children’s Museum Centre. There I opened a world of culture and art, I saw many beautiful exhibitions and learnt more about the history of our state.

It’s impossible to imagine your native land without your own home and your relatives… My close friends are my school-mates. They have become a considerable part of my life. When I am abroad I always think about them… because they are connected with my image of a real native land…

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