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I like our quiet rhythm of live, green parks and peace of mornings

If you ask different people about their birthplace, some of them will tell you about their native town or city, others will be proud of their country. It depends upon the meaning a person invests in this word.

As for me, I always remember the scent of flat cakes my grandmother cooked when I was a child. Every Sunday I was woken up with this scent. It meant that the day would be happy and merry, because all the family would be together. My granny was an Armenian. She sang me beuatiful, national songs and told fairy-tails in Armenian. But we lived in Russia and we spoke Russian everywhere. So, I had forgotten her language by the fifth form. Anywhere, the clear image of my childhood is a part of my understanding about the birthplace. My dream is to go to Armenia and see the places my Granny loved very much.

My parents had to leave their native Nagorniy Karabakh, because of the war. But they have found the second Motherland in Vladimir. They have found hospitable and helpful friends here. My father was offered an interesting and well-paid job and my mother studied in Vladimir University. Of course, they don`t want to move anywhere. A lot of our relatives have come to Vladimir.

My younger sister and I were born in this town. So, we admit it as our native one. Our town is an ancient capital of North-Easten Russia. It has heroic history and old traditions. Some centuries ago Alexander Nevskey was our grand duke. He was one of the greatest generals in the history of Russia. After his death he was buried in the Kremlin of Vladimir. Vladimir has never been destroyed by enemies. So, since ancient times people consider our region is saved by the Virgin. Before the nineteenth century our town was a well-known religious centre of our country. There are many small chirches and big beautiful cathedrals in it. A lot of tourists from various countries of the world and different places of Russia visit Vladimir every year. Wonderful white-stone buildings and beautiful nature attract their attention.

Nowadays, some polititions suppose that Vladimir could be the capital of modern Russia. In my opinion it is a bad idea. I like our quiet rhythm of live, green parks and peace of mornings. I think that Moscow is a fantastic business city to be the capital of the greatest country in the world.

I am proud of being the citizen of Russia. It stretches from the Baltic Sea in the west to the Pacific Ocean in the east. There is the only country in the world with souch long borders. Russia is rich in different natural resources, seas, rivers, forests and mountains. I hope when I am an adult, I will be able to travel around all over the country and see interesting places by my own eyes. I`d like to visit Kaliningrad, Irkutsk, Surgut and Vladivostok, because I have pen-friends in these cities and towns.

We communicate using the Internet. We can chat for hours. Each of us is looking forward to meet in London next April and spend a fortnight together visiting famous places we read about: the Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Madame Tussaud`s Life- size Figures of Famous People, The Museum of the Moving Image, etc. We`ll enjoy sightseeing there. And of course, we`ll visit well - known shops in Oxford street.

But we speak not only about simple things. My friends and I are interested in our future. It means we want to see Russia a powerful and advanced country. On the fourth of March our people have voted the president of the Russian Federation. I`m too young to vote. I`m very happy that our president is V. V. Putin. I believe that Russia will become richer and mightier. All of us will work for this result.

Диана НЕРСЕСЯН, 9"Б" класс, МБОУ СОШ № 41, Владимир.
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11 марта 2012 в 15:11

Сочинение очень понравилось! Молодец!!!!!


11 марта 2012 в 15:49

Да, тот редкий случай, когда ребенок не углублялся в историю города, а честно написал о своих мыслях и чувствах. Очень трогательно получилось.


11 марта 2012 в 21:40

мне надо подумать….


11 марта 2012 в 21:47

В общем,сочинение интересное,осмысленное…..)и душевное)……


11 марта 2012 в 21:57

This essay is deliberate.


12 марта 2012 в 14:22

Впечатляюще! Мне очень понравилось! Так держать!!!


12 марта 2012 в 14:50

супер класс


12 марта 2012 в 15:09

Умница!!!И вправду очень трогательно получилось!Отличное сочинение!


12 марта 2012 в 15:17



13 марта 2012 в 13:08

Всё прекрасно!!!


13 марта 2012 в 13:18


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