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We need English not only at school!

When you are at school you sometimes don’t know what you would like to be. You are taught different subjects and don’t realize if they are important for you or not. But later you find that you lost much when you didn’t listen to your teachers and parents. Here are some letters of my former students. They finished school but didn’t forget it.

Alexander Svetlov (finished school №1 in 2003)

I was an ordinary pupil at school, sometimes noisy, sometimes lazy. I often got good and excellent marks. But studies were more a game for me than a work. Once my favourite teacher told me that she couldn’t understand how I managed to study. Neither could I. I didn’t realize the importance of knowledge. How I was wrong! After school I entered one of the Moscow Universities and thought that English wouldn’t be useful for me, because I would like to become a lawyer. How I was surprised when I saw lots of English classes at the timetable! There I understood that graduates of Moscow schools knew the subject worse than me. It wasn’t hard for me to pass my exams and I can say that I was the best in our group. I thanked my school teachers and abused myself for my laziness. If I were a little bit more diligent, the world would be mine!
After the university I decided to continue my education at the post-graduate course. The first exam was English! I passed it successfully. When I tried to find a well-paid job I realized that all big companies were searching English-speaking staff. The salary is higher for those who can speak foreign languages. I was ready for it! And now I’d like to wish all schoolchildren to get as much knowledge as you can. Wherever you study-at school, courses, colleges. Believe me that all our knowledge, skills and experience will be useful!

Mary Karnaukhova (finished school №1 in 2005)

I didn’t go to the university after finishing school. I decided to get some experience of adults’ life earning my living. Then I went to “Vestel” searching a job. They tried my English and offered me to be a secretary. I was happy! It was not easy because there are some special words which we didn’t learn at school. But I like English so much that I managed it rather quickly. Now I can say that school #1 gives us a very high base of English. If you listen to your teachers carefully you will be able to find a good job and to be successful.

Irina Nikolaeva (finished school №1 in 2009)

I’m a student! It’s so terrific! New life, new people, new subjects! I like it very much. They say we’ll be psychologists. I trust them!
You know, there a lot of different classes here. Most of them are new, but there is one which I like most of all. It’s English. I can’t say that it is very difficult for me to do it. Thanks to our school and my teacher, who made me not only learn different rules but also try to express my feelings in English. It helps me in my study. My mates are surprised how it is easy for me to get excellent marks.
I often recall my classmates, our friendship. I hope we’ll meet soon and share our achievements.

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19 ноября 2009 в 20:28

The best students!

Марина Каспарянц

19 ноября 2009 в 21:12

знаю обеих девушек))обе очень умные,красивые и общительные))с одной проучилась 6 лет в одном классе,с другой тоже хорошо знакомы)))очень горжусь тем,что с ними знакомы и рада их здесь видеть)))))


19 ноября 2009 в 21:43

Марина, присоединяйся! Мы и тебя будем рады здесь видеть!)))


22 ноября 2009 в 12:57

Ой, какие детки молодцы! Маша действительно живет в английском языке!:))
А Саша так замечательно рассказал, что все знания и весь опыт могут пригодиться в жизни! Хорошо, что он это понял, когда еще вся жизнь впереди! Надеюсь, что его мысли разделяют и другие.
Удачи вам, ребята!

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