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Fashion as a way to express your ideas

Nowadays the most of teenagers try to be special, be better than others. It’s important for young people to have their own style. People use fashion to present themselves to the public eye. What we wear is an image of what we want the world to see.

Fashion exists to provide information about ourselves, who we think we are and who we aspire to be. It defines our age, our sex, our occupation and often, our ethnicity. A man walks down the street in a business suit — and we gather information about him. A young girl wears a tank top and short pink skirt — and we form an impression of her.

Today we tend to dress based on the way clothes appeal to our personal taste. If we like it, we like it. If we don’t, we don’t. We chose our style to express our personality. It’s nice to be cool and to dress with the times. But let’s be serious, what’s cool now is probably going to look silly in a few years.

Depending on their attitude towards clothes and fashion, people can be divided in three groups:
Fashion slaves, spending all their money on the latest clothes even if they don’t look good in them;
fashion fans, who enjoy wearing modern clothes but not obsessed by them
and people who just don’t care how they look.

Casual is one of the most popular fashion styles nowadays. Youth likes it because such clothes makes it feel free. Traditional clothes of this style is jeans, T-shirts, tops, and everything comfortable. Sport shoes and shoes without heels are proper for this style, but colours may be different. It also includes the variety of accessories, which can be made of different material (such as metal, textile, wood and sometimes even stone).

Unisex is another popular style. This style developed thanks to feminists and homosexuals. According to statistics women prefer men style and vice versa, men prefer women style. Sometimes it seems that they are changing their roles. And fashion designers decided to create a style that would be good for both female and male use. Therefore Unisex appeared. And it has become very popular at once. This style is comfortable for many people. There are a lot of fashion styles. But some people like to combine details and elements of different styles creating something new and original.

Sometimes teens don’t know how to express their personality. They begin to show off. Some of them think that the best way to stand out from other people is piercing. To their mind it makes them exotic and elegant. I can’t understand it because it’s very dangerous! All specialists say that it is bad for the health. But many years ago piercing was a part of rituals and traditions of the ancient civilizations of the world and, of course, each new «score» on the body had its own meaning and significance. Most popular is navel piercing — this is partly a tribute to fashion, partly the desire to adorn themselves, and partly, as happens in any society, enjoy just for yourself. In general, a navel piercing can be done by anyone. But for the ancient Egyptians, it was more severe. Ring in the navel meant belonging to the estate of the nobility. The right to wear body piercing in the navel had only the Egyptians, who had community rights. For Indian women (those in India) Nose piercing meant a woman’s marriage. Tradition preserved to this day. And nowadays more and more people pierce their ears, eyebrows, noses, tongues, lips, navels and others. If you like it, you can do it. But please, think first and try to get some information about what it means!

Everyone is individual and can have its own style, but it mustn’t be dangerous or ridiculous. I wish you to be nice, have your own style and not to be silly.



http://i058.radikal.ru/0809/4c/00a908756635.jpg модная девушка
http://spynet.ru/uploads/posts/2008-04/1208783149_9-19.jpg пирсинг
http://mirsovetov.ru/images/872/11.jpg яркая мода

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Случайный читатель

22 декабря 2009 в 15:34

Жаль, не знаю английского. Но, судя по картинкам, что-то очень интересное.

Елена Сибирина

22 декабря 2009 в 19:55

Действительно жаль… может, пора учить?))


29 апреля 2010 в 14:20

Я не так сильна в английском , чтобы грамотно писать, но прочесть все же смогла и полностью согласна с автором. И не только по поводу пирсинга. Хотя была свидетельницей сцены в аптеке, где заплаканная мамочка умоляла фармацевта продать самое сильное противовоспалительное средство, а то врачи помочь не могут. После пирсинга пупка у девочки начался абсцесс.
Достойны горького сожаления и непокрытые головы в мороз, и “декольтированные” брючки в паре с “подстреленной” курточкой. Я согласна, что лучший головной убор - это ухоженные волосы, но так хочется сказать девочкам: вам еще долго жить, пощадите себя будущих!

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