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The world around us is full of countless various forms

The world around us is full of countless various forms. About 7 milliard people from more than 2 hundred countries coexist here together. Who could only imagine that one sixth part of land can be taken by a great country called Russia? It unites plenty of nationalities and we give it our love and dedication back.

I live in Vladimir — a famous city in the central part of Russia. I can honestly consider that its beauty and uniqueness attract millions of foreign tourists from the East and Europe every year. The fact is that Vladimir is the Motherland of white stone architecture and history says that once it even was a capital of Russia and a very noble city among foreigners. Despite its great history I think it’s far not the main reason why I love my birthplace. A strong connection with our ancestors through ancient monuments, real masterpieces, is of more importance, to my mind. Sometimes it even amazes and charms. We can get the sense of life, its main goal from our ancestors’ experience because through centuries they help us move in the right direction, teach us wisdom and save from heavy moral mistakes.

When tourists come to Vladimir, I guess they are always astonished with Russian incredible nature. The whole Russia consists of vast plains, which give wide space for thoughts, fast rivers, which have been giving people food and energy since ancient times, and deep forests, where you can find shade on a hot day. Russia, like a caring mother, has been providing people with all the things necessary for life and creativity. The variety of the world seems to be gathered in one country. Russia has inspired a lot of Russian poets, such as Esenin or Pushkin. The following lines written by Esenin are filled with great love and are familiar to every Russian:

Just below my window
Stands a birch-tree white,
Under snow in winter
Gleaming silver bright.

I think there is no country as beautiful and caring as ours.
Even if I had the opportunity to live in any part of the world, my life, undoubtedly, couldn’t be happy enough without my family. It’s the place where we were born, where our roots are and, like for tree it’s impossible to exist without its roots, for people it’s the same to live without their family. Family is the only place where we can be always accepted, no matter what has happened. I was born in Russia and since childhood my parents have taught me Russian traditions, our national way of thinking. I love Russian language, I got used to celebrating such holidays as Easter or Maslenitsa. My grandparents were born here so the story of my family and, therefore, the story of my life can’t be separated from Russia and Vladimir.

To sum up, I’d like to say that my heart belongs to Russia. It remembers the most important events, people and feelings that took or still take place here, therefore, this country is an inseparable part of my life. Nowadays most young people are thinking of moving abroad and, in my point of view, this is not right. Firstly, we were born and brought up in Russia and it’s our duty to treat our Motherland with love and support it even in the hardest times. Secondly, we are not waited by someone in foreign countries, in fact, we can move into emptiness: no friends, no ties, only a new unfamiliar, sometimes enemy world. In the end, Russia is a country where we are always needed, understood and loved. That’s why, I strongly believe that we should be proud of our Motherland. I am.

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