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A Warm Day of the Cold Winter

The first Saturday of February has become a very good tradition for all school-leavers to come back to their schools. To the places where they spent their childhood and where they are always honourable and welcome guests.

Alexandrov School № 1 always meets its former pupils on this day. This year, as usual, a lot of young people came to the school to see their teachers, classmates, to remember the school days and to share the impressions of their adult life. Most of the guests were students, but it was also very nice to see the people who had left the school 10-15-20 years before. Happy faces, a lot of smiles, a storm of applause made the atmosphere really warm!

The concert consisted of the best songs and dances which had been prepared during the current school year. Its young participants did their best to make the public happy. The speech of the Headmistress was so warm that it was clear to everybody: the school is the place where you’ll be loved during all your life.

The teachers are always waiting for this day. It’s a real pleasure to see their former pupils, to know about the changes in their lives, to see them having changed. And it’s such a special feeling for teachers when the school-leavers remember them not only once a year, but use different ways to show their respect and love: come to school on weekdays, write about their lives, congratulate on holidays, make telephone calls… All these make the teachers realize that they gave the pupils not just knowledge but also left a trace in their hearts.

The evening came to its end very quickly… The guests left the school and went their own ways. But next February there’ll be the first Saturday… And they’ll come again…To plunge into their school years, to sit at their desks and to feel the warmth of hearts in the coldest month of the year.

Tatyana Nikitina.
Photo 2010 — Irina Lyubavina.

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6 февраля 2012 в 20:20

It`s really amazing to meet your former students, to watch them becoming grown-ups , intelligent and decent. To realize you have made some contribution in their lives…I wish all students could have unforgettable memories about their school years!

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