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Homeland begins with our first words

A Motherland is a place where we are born, where our grandparents, our moms and dads live. Everyone loves his home. One’s homeland is the dearest place on the earth for you. Wherever you are, be it in Italy or France, you feel homesick. For each person Motherland takes a special place in his heart.

Homeland begins with our first words from the first book read by us, with the home, at school. But it appears before us in all its glory only when we begin to understand what the Motherland means. Everyone must love their Motherland. It feeds and grows us. We must not destroy it, but bring benefits for the good of the country. It cannot be miserable, it’s always a bright, beautiful sweetheart. Homeland is the most important thing in life. It is not just a place where you are born and grew up, it is something more, it is something that a man keeps deep in his soul. No one will ever forget his Motherland and will carefully store the memories of those moments that stand before our eyes when we hear the word «homeland». Our Motherland cares about us, and that’s why we should give it all our love, all our strength, respect it and understand that nothing can be more beautiful than your country. No wonder this word is spelled with a capital letter.

For what do I love my land? Not everyone will be able to answer this question. For me this is a place where I was born, raised and where I live. Personally I love my country for the beauty of its nature. How nice it is to get up early in the morning and go fishing to my favourite spot, and to sit quietly and calmly. At these moments I realize that wherever I am, my heart will always be here, where I was born and raised. I also understand that a person can call his dearest home not the place where he was born, but that place where he feels easy, where his soul is at rest. In my opinion no other nation can love their Motherland the same way as Russian people do. Russian people have undergone a lot of hardships over the years, but have never retreated in the face of danger, because the love for the country has given them strength and lust for life. It has always been so that the soul of Russian people is full of a good and bright feeling of love for the Motherland.

On the Earth there are many people from different countries. And for all of them there is their own homeland. I love my Motherland, my perfect home, for its nature and just for what it is, love it with no reason for this love. In recent years some people have forgotten about their homeland. They do not care about its present and future. And I appeal to all: «Take care of your Motherland, do not forget about your home. After all, we have only one Motherland».

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просто я

28 февраля 2012 в 8:33

Такой серьезный, почти философский текст у достаточно юного молодого человека. Молодец!

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