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The Main Thing is to Be in Time. It’s Realizable!

The first term has come to an end and the problem where to go to study is especially urgent for nowaday 11th grade students since the number of higher educational institutes will be greatly reduced in Russia.
I had a talk with the 11th grade student of school № 1 (the town of Alexandrov) — Maxim Orlov and tried to find out what future school-leavers think of this problem today.

— Max, what are you engaged in besides school studies?
— I am engaged in choreography, and now I am substituting for Marina Sergeyevna Koltukova, the leader of the dancing ensemble “Style” and I am a co-leader of this group.

— Does this occupation appeal to you?
— Yes, it does. I like it as a hobby. I’ve been engaged in it for 7 years and more than once they suggested that I should continue my dancing career in a special college. However, I refused since I think it is not for me.

— Do you attend any courses and if you do, how did you choose them?
— At the beginning when I just looked for an institute, I found out that if you want to be sure you’ll enter an institute, you’d better attend the preparatory courses of this institute. I began to attend the courses in MFJA (Moscow Financial Juridical Academy in Sergiev Possad) at the department of “Jurisprudence” but then after thinking hard changed it for “Customs business”.

— Why did you choose namely “Customs business”?
— This faculty is connected with jurisprudence and management. Jurisprudence, I think, grounds in law, as for management, I’d like to connect with it my future life since all my family and my relatives have to do with trade: my mother is a saleswoman, my uncle has got his own business etc. I believe, I’ll find my calling in it.

— What else are you engaged in?
— I work as a shop-assistant in the furniture salon “Ultra”. I began to work there in summer, I like it a lot and now I continue to work there at weekends.

— How do manage to be in time everywhere?
— Yes, my schedule is complicated. Besides school I’ve got dancing — on Monday, Wednesday, Friday; courses — Tuesday, Thursday, work on Saturday, Sunday.

— What helps you to endure such full program?
— Optimism, my friends’ encouragement. I try to do everything, sometimes I fail it. Once I fell asleep at the lesson and it made me feel ashamed.

— What will you advise to the 11th grade students who are choosing their future career?
— Only few pupils are sure what they will become I think, you should not be afraid to try yourself in a new job, any experience will prove useful in future.
I wish everyone luck and success in choosing of your career.

— Thank you for the interesting conversation. I wish you to succeed in life, too.

P. S. After a year Maxim entered MFJA (Moscow Financial Juridical Academy). He continues to lead an active way of life, taking part in the institute events. Max works in the same place and enjoys it a lot.

Kseniya ZUYEVA,
photo: author

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13 ноября 2009 в 15:24

Надо скорее учить английский….эх


22 ноября 2009 в 22:45

Хорошая идея! А рассказы наших выпускников лишний раз подтверждают это!))


15 декабря 2009 в 20:14

Вообше хорошая статья


29 апреля 2010 в 21:08

Спасибо большое Ксюше З. за статью)


30 апреля 2010 в 4:00

Максим, нет ли у тебя видеозаписи какого-нибудь танца? А если нет - где можно отснять? Поставим!

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